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Complex Living

I don’t know if this election cycle illuminated ugliness and divisiveness that already existed or helped create it, or both? People are unfriending each other, ending real friendships, leaving churches and using political positions as litmus tests of intelligence, character and spirituality. This, much like the on air tv personalities’ rumble in Anchorman, has really gotten out of hand. Not one of us can be so arrogant to think that our position on any subject is so pure or infallible that we can’t learn something from an opposing viewpoint no matter how far afield it is from ours. I am not suggesting that we do not stand against injustice or tyranny, what I am saying is that we must make sure that we stand against injustice, justly. This requires taking the words of Jesus seriously when he says “love your enemies, do not repay evil with evil, and do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” We are all complex humans with unique stories and journeys that shape how we see the world. So maybe even when we disagree with others we could listen and try and understand why they believe what they believe before we judge their character. This kind of relational respect for one another precludes much of what happens on fb (like when I post something and two of my fb friends from different periods and locales of my life, who have never met, take the argument outside the thread and beat each other bloody.) Unlike fb, real life friends are hard to come by—so let’s try a little harder to understand each other before we write each other off.

Disclaimer (I have sucked at this and pledge from this day forward to be better.) Who’s with me?

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