Church Services have started in person again. 11 am Sunday mornings. We are so excited to see everyone!

 If the weather permits we will be holding services on the State Street side of the church.
The following guidelines need to be followed:

OUTSIDE service:

  • Masks are required to enter and once seated you may remove the mask
  • Seating is 6 ft apart unless you are a family unit.
  • Sign in for tracing purposes.
  • You will be given a communion cup after you sign in.
  • Once service is over, mask must be worn when leaving from your seat
  • Hand sanitizer is available

INSIDE service:

  • Masks are required for ALL to enter and MUST stay on the entire service
  • Seating is 6 ft apart unless you are a family unit
  • Sign in for tracing purposes
  • Hand sanitizer is available

Please check in with our Facebook page and website for live weekly services, updates and announcements.

These are indeed challenging times to be the church. But neither illness nor self-care can separate us from the love of God and the love of each other. We will get through this… together. Please take the time to pray for victims of illness. Pray for each other. And pray for our nation and the world.

“Be careful as you go into God’s creation… for it does not belong to you. Be gentle with yourself and with others for we are the dwelling place of the Most High. Be alert… and be silent… for God is a whisper. And the blessing of God Almighty; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit be upon you this day and with you always. Amen.” Blessing by Father Michael Ralph, St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, Granville, OH

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